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AVG Technologies is a Czech security software company headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, founded in 1991 that provides the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Link Scanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, and Security Toolbar protection components. It uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features included in it are e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. Follow this article to know more about its features and problems.

AVG Search a search engine by AVG which provides less risk in internet searching. You can easily contact the AVG support phone number for any support.AVG is very famous for providing world class support and services to all of its users. It also provides a free hotline service that can be accessed anytime of the day and for any kinds of support. A computer without anti-virus software installed will be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet so, antivirus are very important of any system to install and make it up to date.

What is Anti-Virus Software?

Anti-virus software is a program or set of programs that are designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software like worms, Trojans, adware, and more.

One of the most interesting thing about antivirus is that it must be updated regularly and properly else it will get bombarded with day to day threats. The bombardment is constant, with anti-virus companies update their detection tools constantly to deal with the more than 60,000 new pieces of malware created daily.

Anti-virus software differ in their own way according to the companies they are coded with also what each offers can vary but all perform some basic functions:

  • Scan specific files or directories for any malware or known malicious patterns
  • Allow you to schedule scans to automatically run for you
  • Allow you to initiate a scan of a specific file or of your computer, or of a CD or flash drive at any time.
  • Remove any malicious code detected –sometimes you will be notified of an infection and asked if you want to clean the file, other programs will automatically do this behind the scenes.
  • Show you the ‘health’ of your computer

Always be sure you have the best, up-to-date security software installed to protect your computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

For help regarding AVG with all queries before you call the AVG antivirus customer service number:

  1. Visit Technical Support form.
  2. Fill in all the details.
  3. Depending on the specified issue, phone number, chat link or email form will be displayed.


Whenever you face any problem related to AVG antivirus, you can visit the Norton and AVG Community,select the appropriate category, and then search or post your question. Before posting, you will need to log in using your respective Account or Facebook account. These communities are being monitored by calling onphone number for their supportat AVG antivirus customer service number, and serves as an easy-to-use place to ask your questions etc.


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